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easytrucks simracing update

Craig Silby joins TechLab SimSports Car 20

And is also recruited by The Firm Motorsports.

All new team car graphics thanks to BFins designs

Steve Duff also from New Zealand brings his real world skills and ConCut to the team

Duffy also runs the iRacing War of the Wings sprintcar series

TechLab SimSports car 15 Steve Duff

TechLab SimSports team owner and manager

Brandt (Frosty) Winterquist from the USA. Car 37

Jamie McCarron from Australia TechLab SimSports car 4M

There is also a red/black TechLab SimSports car number 10

Driven by Leon Carver also from Australia. Pics still to come...

Josh (Sparky) van Maanen from the USA runs The Firm Motorsports sim racing team.

The team has a fleet of top simracing drivers from around the world.

The Firm Motorports has just announced a new Winged 410 Sprintcar iRacing series

Apex Auto Glass & Tinting from California is their title sponsor.

The series runs over 10 weeks

With significant prize money to be had by the best sprintcar drivers in iRacing.

Each race will be streamed live on UDTV

Wednesday nights 9:30pm US Central Standard Time

Which is around 2:30pm Thursdays NZ time

First race is at the virtual Eldora Speedway 16 Sept US (17 Sept NZ)

Looking forward to racing wheel to wheel with the best in open wheel dirt iRacing...

Craig Silby



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