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Fleet Management: Information overload!

Information overload

Does this sound familiar?

You’re reviewing the monthly fuel invoices and thinking, man I’m sure we can run more efficient than this; didn’t I read somewhere that some fleets have reduced their fuel bill by up to 10%

Then an email pops up and it’s the Operations Manager stressing about not having enough trucks, then your phone rings and it’s one of the Branch Managers, one of their trucks has just crashed and it's going to be a write off, and then the Financial Controller taps you on the shoulder and asks if you’ve finished reviewing the fuel invoices yet, and then… and then… and then...

Fleet management

Some Fleet Managers today have far too many responsibilities, and they’re so busy working in the business that, they just don’t have any time left to work on the business. If only there was a way to quickly get exactly the info you need, as and when you want it. Tracking or telematics systems have become useful tools to help with this, but as many users have discovered, the systems can be quite complex and sometimes overwhelming. Much like telephones today, users are barely scratching the surface of their capabilities.

Insurers are seeing the value in this information, and more recently are looking at telematics to provide data that in the future might allow them to tune their policies, to best match the risk profile of each operator. Some insurers are beginning to offer fleet management assistance, and have a whole suite of programmes and packages available, to help fleet operators improve their safety and efficiency.

Imagine if you could prove to your insurer that your fleet is operating well within the law, that your drivers are meeting or exceeding fixed KPI's, which shows that they're safe and fuel efficient operators, and that your maintenance and compliance is excellent, all at the touch of a button. The potential savings in premiums could be better than you think. Some businesses are saving thousands of dollars, just by reviewing their insurances.

Contact your insurance broker today, to see if your insurer has any packages or assistance programmes that could take some of the load off your busy, busy days.

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