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Multi-purpose truck body for Eastlite

Eastlite MB Arocs with Fruehauf body by easytrucks

New Fruehauf multi-purpose refrigerated curtainsider truck body for Eastlite Carriers Gisborne.

Eastlite MB Arocs with Fruehauf body by easytrucks

John Baker from Eastlite Carriers Gisborne has just taken delivery of their all new Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 multi-purpose insulated and refrigerated curtainsider truck.

Easytrucks with the help of Fruehauf NZ produced a custom designed and built truck body that can readily carry chilled, frozen and ambient freight all at the same time, and each at the required temperatures. The frozen and chilled zones each have separate insulated compartments, which can be configured to suit.

The truck dimensions were designed to suit their current 4-axle trailer, but also allows for a 50MAX spec 5-axle trailer in the future, if required.

Congratulations Eastlite Carriers, a fantastic result!

easytrucks NZ Transport Consulting

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