Driverless Cars Safer Highways

Use an app to call a ride, it's ready for you within 2 minutes, no driving, no parking... too easy

Similar disruption is happening to the commercial transport industry, our world is changing...

Just finished a fascinating and informative book about the quest to perfect the driverless car

Autonomy, a book by car industry expert Lawrence (Larry) Burns. Fantastic interesting reading

Questions we all should be asking ourselves;

What if we had the same or better independence without needing a car? do we need a car?

What if we could go where we want to, when we want to, safer cheaper and easier?

Around 1.3 million people die on the world's roads each year, at least 90% due to human error

Safe driverless mobility technology is here now and it's transforming the world as we know it

In time we may have situations where humans are not-allowed-to-drive due to safety concerns...

Waymo, originally started by Google, has spent billions developing and proving the tech required

Having a few drinks after work, no problem, call a ride, it'll be with you in less than 2 minutes

Can't find anywhere to park or have nowhere to park at home, no problem, ride door to door

Need to deal with emails and calls during your trip, no problem, leave the driving to your ride

Feeling sleepy, no problem. And on it goes... easier, cheaper, most important of all, it's SAFER

Truck manufacturers, such as Volvo Trucks, are also getting in on the action

Personal transport disruption is happening now and it's happening to commercial transport too.

Do we always need trucks with drivers?

Isn't there a global driver shortage?

Concept trucks such as the Volvo Vera autonomous tractor unit above are leading the way.

But what if we got rid of the truck cab and/or the tractor unit altogether?

What if we powered and automated the freight carrying part, such as the truck deck or trailer?

Imagine the possibilities...

T-Log, and autonomous electric logging vehicle being trialled in Sweden

In the meantime, whilst that stuff is coming, be sure to contact Craig Silby at easytrucks for help with making sure you get the right truck or trailer for the job. You might be surprised by how much money can be saved...

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