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What is the NZ Road Transport Forum?

Road Transport Forum New Zealand

The RTFNZ website says that "Over 80% of road freight operators in New Zealand voluntarily belong to the Forum's member associations." What do these membership associations and the RTFNZ do?

The RTF only has 3 affiliated member assocations. With respect, there are multiple other road transport industry associations in NZ, why aren't these associations also affiliated members of the RTF? The RTFNZ annual conference starts tomorrow in Mt Maunganui, maybe they will shed some light on the subject at the conference?

RTFNZ Conference 2016

Also according the the RTFNZ website; "We are the national body representing the commercial road freight industry. Our aim is to help build a country in which the road freight industry, and the businesses and communities it serves, can grow and prosper."

If the RTF is to be credibly recognised as the key voice of the road freight transport industry in New Zealand, shouldn't they provide an overall representation for all road transport industry based associations? A single national voice?

Why are there so many road transport industry associations outside the RTF umbrella?

Most of these member based organisations, inc the RTF, run their own costly corporate structures, several have their own annual conferences.

Who pays for all of that?

You do, via your membership fees.


What do all these 'representative associations' do? Why are there so many?

Click on the logos below to learn more about these industry associations...

Road Transport Forum New Zealand

RTFNZ is made up of 3 road transport industry assocations:

National Road Carriers

National Road Carriers Inc

Road Transport Association NZ

Road Transport Association NZ

NZ Trucking Association

NZ Trucking Association


There is also a variety of other road transport industry assocations in NZ, such as;

Bus & Coach Association NZ

Bus and Coach Association of New Zealand

NZ Heavy Haulage Association

New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association

NZ Groundspread Fertilisers Association

New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers' Association (NZGFA)

Safe & Sustainable Transport Association

Safe and Sustainable Transport Association (SAST)

Public Transport Users Association

Public Transport Users Association (PTUA)

And no doubt several others...


It would be interesting to learn what it costs some large transport operators each year, to be members of all their relevant industry associations.

What value do they get from all their memberships?

Could there be greater value in unifying some or all of these membership associations, and consolidating some of their overheads and fees?

Wouldn't the RTFNZ have greater negotiating value with the Government with a wider membership base?

Let us know what you think..

Easytrucks NZ Transport Consulting

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