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New VDAM allows higher axle weights

NZTA Factsheet 13h Specialist Vehicles

From Feb 1st 2017 the new NZ VDAM 2016 rule creates "Specialist Vehicles"


There are only 4 specific types of vehicle allowed to apply for permits

As defined in NZTA Factsheet 13h

  • Rubbish truck with compactor

  • Concrete mixer truck

  • Ground spreader truck

  • Passenger service vehicle (Bus)

These vehicles are allowed significantly higher axle group loadings

What makes these vehicles so special? Why just them?

VDAM NZ Specialist Vehicle Ground spreader truck

VDAM NZ Specialist Vehicle Passenger Bus

VDAM NZ Specialist Vehicle Concrete mixer truck

VDAM NZ Specialist Vehicle Rubbish truck

Maximum sum of axle mass for specialist vehicle operating on permit

A single large-tyred axle in a tandem axle set

with a twin-tyred axle and a 55/45 load share: 8100kg

Twin-tyred axle in any axle set: 12,000kg

Two axles in a tandem axle set comprising;

a) a twin-tyred axle with a single large-tyred axle and a 60/40 load share: 16,000kg

b) a twin-tyred axle with a single large-tyred axle and a 55/45 load share: 18,000kg

Two twin-tyred axles:

a) spaced less than 1.3 m from the first axle to the last axle: 17,000kg

b) spaced 1.3 m or more from the first axle to the last axle: 18,000kg

NZTA Factsheet 13h axle mass limits

Competitive advantage

Did I hear somebody say 'Hey! won't they get a competitive advantage?'

Yes... they probably will...

How did the NZTA decide what is or isn't a "Specialist Vehicle"???

NZTA description;

"Specialist vehicles are a type of higher mass vehicle that can carry divisible loads." they also state that "a specialist vehicle cannot tow a heavy trailer, (GVM over 3500kg)

I'm sure that there are plenty of examples for a wide variety of other vehicles that could be defined as a "Specialist Vehicle". Why are they not included???

You could debate that any and/or all rigid vehicles should be included

Why is there only a chosen few defined as 'special'?

Perhaps we should start a list,

Please use the comments section below or on the easytrucks facebook page to add your vehicle to the list too, if you deem it fits the NZTA description above.

  • Vehicle recovery vehicle

  • Vehicle transporter vehicle

  • Vacuum tanker vehicle

  • Septic tank cleaning vehicle

  • Fuel tanker vehicle

  • Water tanker vehicle

  • Bitument tanker vehicle

  • Flatdeck vehicle with crane

  • Tipper vehicle

  • Tipper vehicle with crane

  • Hook loader vehicle

  • Hook loader vehicle with crane

  • ISO container side lifter vehicle

  • Outside broadcasting vehicle

  • Catering vehicle

  • Live animal transporter vehicle

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