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Fruehauf NZ introduces new fridge trailer

Fruehauf NZ Schmitz Cargobull fridge trailer

Fruehauf NZ together with Schmitz Cargobull quietly launched a new range of refrigerated trailers and truck bodies at the recent Transport & Heavy Equipment Expo, held at Mystery Creek event centre near Hamilton.

Although the trailer on show was an Australian spec, the technology, fit and finish, and the thermal efficiency, was popular with temperature controlled transport operators that cared to take a look inside. We're told that NZ spec quad axle semi-trailers will be on NZ roads very soon.

Schmitz Cargobull NZ and Australia

Schmitz Cargobull holds a majority of the refrigerated trailer market in Europe and builds over 50,000 trailers per year. The research, development and testing that goes into their products is second to none. Certainly far beyond anything yet seen in the NZ temperature controlled transport market.

Fruehauf NZ is now bringing in a range of Schmitz Cargobull body kits to fit onto Fruehauf trailer chassis, and/or customer specified truck chassis.

With flush mounted hardware inside the insulated bodies, the Fruehauf Schmitz Cargobull bodies will have the largest internal width in the NZ market.

Ferroplast insulated trailer panels by Schmitz Cargobull

Schmitz Cargobull developed and patented their own 'Ferroplast' insulated panel several decades ago. The panel is made from a special NX17 polyurethane hard foam technology core with ultra-thin coated steel skins. This they say, provides far superior thermal properties, and durability, versus typical fibreglass skinned foam core panels, or plyglass bodies.

A common issue with existing insulated bodies is they take on water over time and increase in weight, due to fine cracks or damage in the fibreglass skins. This cannot happen with the steel skins on the Schmitz Cargobull bodies.

Super strong forklift rated fully sealed floors are also a strong selling point.

Apparently they're also very easy to repair, by any half decent panelbeater/spraypainter, anywhere in New Zealand.

This will be a welcome thought to transport operators in NZ. Many of them have to bring their current units back to an Auckland factory, or to specialist fibreglass repair shops, which can be difficult and/or time consuming, particularly with the schedules some of these units run.

The NZ temperature controlled transport market has been dominated in recent years by one large Australian based supplier, using kitset fibreglass skinned foam core panels.

Fruehauf NZ truck bodies and trailers

Fruehauf has become well known for their innovation, quality, and rock solid backup and support. It will be interesting to see how the encumbent refrigerated trailer suppliers respond to Fruehauf and Schmitz Cargobull entering the NZ transport market.

One thing is for sure, NZ temperature controlled transport operators will be glad they've now got more choice in the refrigerated trailer market.

Easytrucks is a sales agent for Fruehauf products in NZ.

Contact Craig on 021 740 565 if you'd like to know more about Schmitz Cargobull and/or Fruehauf truck bodies and trailers.

easytrucks NZ Transport Consulting

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