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easytrucks tries speedway iRacing

Tonight I try qualifying for the 2020 E-Sports Sydney Speedcar 50 Lapper

Racing midget cars at the virtual Lernerville Speedway on iRacing

See comments section below for progress reports on how I went...

Well over 150 drivers have entered the event from around the world, with the first of 3 preliminary qualifying rounds starting Thursday night 7th May.

There are some big names entered, including several Kiwi drivers well known internationally.

Craig Silby from easytrucks is scheduled to qualify midget car #20 in the 2nd prelim round starting 9pm AEST Friday night 8th May, which is 7pm NZ time. Main event is Saturday night.

The event is live streamed each night via UltimateDirtTV on youtube and facebook.

Craig explains

"After only having the iRacing setup for a few weeks and trying out the dirt midget only a week or so ago, it's a huge learning curve trying to get to grips with how realistic and serious it is. I've jumped in the deep end and will try my best to figure it out. It's definitely much harder than it looks"


If there's anyone out there that's got image editing skills we'd really like some help to sign-write the car. We've got the .psd templates etc and a basic idea of how we'd like the car to look, but no idea how to piece it all together. Please get in touch if you can help with that.

Our gratitude goes out to Seamount Racing from NZ, they've got on board with the event organisers providing significant sponsorship, raising the event profile exponentially.

Anyone that knows Speedway midget racing in NZ are aware of the professionalism Seamount Racing brings. Thanks Seamount Racing you guys are fantastic!

Wish me luck, I'll be trying my best.

Craig Silby - easytrucks

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Craig Silby - easytrucks
Craig Silby - easytrucks
May 11, 2020

#Sydney50lapper update

My first ever go at iRacing was 18 April 2020. I didn't get into a dirt midget in the sim until about a week or so later, so it's fair to say I'm very new at this sim racing thing.

I quickly discovered that it's not a game, it definitely feels very real. I entered an online racing event based around the annual Sydney 50 Lap International midget race and discovered that more than 150 other drivers, from Australia, USA, and NZ, had also entered. I believe some of the world's best sim racing drivers and also real world racing drivers entered. Wow, this is serious.

The event required additional purchases in the iRacing platform, the dirt midget…

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