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Insurance can be cheaper


How much does your insurance cost?

Too much?

Your fleet insurance premiums are calculated from a percentage of your vehicle insured values.

The higher the insured value the higher the cost.

Your excess, the amount you pay first if you make a claim, is calculated the same way.

Your vehicle insurance excess is usually around 1% of the insured value.

The higher the insured value the higher the cost.

If your insurance broker is not taking care to help re-evaluate your vehicle insured values each year, prior to each insurance renewal, then you're quite possibly over insured and paying too much.


Craig Silby and TruckSure recently reviewed the insurances for an operator running a fleet of trucks and trailers.

We discovered that their fleet insured values were around $100,000 more than what was believed to be current fair market value.

They were paying around $4500 per month for insurance. They're now paying around $2800 per month. That's a huge saving!

Imagine what you could do with and extra $1700 per month.

Their existing insurance broker was over charging them year after year, and the operator was none the wiser.

What's worse is, if they were to make a claim, the insurer would never have paid out anywhere near what they were insured for. This can be a cause for huge amounts of stress if you need to lodge a claim.


Commercial vehicle insurance is generally based upon 'market value' and therefore, you need to be sure that each year you're insured for, as near as possible to what the current market value is for each asset.

You can try and work out the market values yourself or get some help from someone like easytrucks.

TruckValue Registered Market Valuations from Easytrucks Ltd provide official market valuation reports for commercial vehicles like trucks, trailers, vans, utes etc.

Because we asked the right questions and presented their risk accurately to the insurers, TruckSure was able to offer a far more accurate and cost effective insurance package to the client.

This is just one of many examples that can help reduce your costs.

If you're not sure that you're paying the right amount for insurance call Craig at easytrucks. We can review your insurances free of charge and provide knowledgeable advice on what's best for you and your business.

FREE insurance review:

Contact Craig Silby - Specialist Broker at easytrucks



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