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What can we do when it's less busy?

Now is an ideal time to work on your business and give it some polish and fine tuning

Road freight transport could be in for a brief slow-down,

but we can make that work for us

With a hopefully brief period of less transport work to do in the next few weeks,

we can focus more on the stuff that we put off when we're 'too busy'

To follow are but a few ideas we can try to keep productive in these uncertain times...

Focus on our people and their well being,

Focus on our management systems

How and why we do what we do,

Can we do it smarter?

Focus on our business risk management, check our insurances,

Discuss with our broker

Install cameras in our trucks to help improve safety and,

to provide proof when our truck was not at fault

Cameras can help reduce claims and help retain our insurance excess

Focus on our fleet, have we got the most productive and efficient vehicles?

Get some advice

Use technologies we already have in our vehicles,

to help measure and improve performance

Remember; if you know what is costing you money and why,

you can find ways to reduce those costs

Telematics systems provide the information

You might now have more time to take a closer look

Get some help to find the information in,

your eRUC or GPS telematics systems

You might be surprised by what you can learn

If anything good can come of this terrible global economic situation,

it might as well be us, giving our business

a proper fine tuning and a damn good polish

At least then we'll be in great shape to take full advantage of,

the onslaught of work when things get back to normal

If you've got any questions on any of the above or,

need assistance with figuring out how


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